The name Matilde loosely translates to 'mighty in war' and thus she has chosen her brand name 'Mother of War' to abet the feeling her jewellery evokes with its powerful feminine nature.
Marengo draws inspiration for her pieces from the various motions of life ranging from the happy highs to the lurid lows, using the emotions in between to create a tangible representation of what most would deem intangible.
Marengo focuses on the evocative nature of jewellery to show to the external world what the wearer feels within themself. She is guided by her extremely emotive Italian family, fortunate and unfortunate  life experiences, music (as she cannot work without it), and various expressionist artists (such as Modigliani, Munch, Mondrian, Amiet, and many more), as well as her peers.
Her jewellery is bold and bespoke. Her aim is to create pieces that are loud and evident on the wearer, using various textures and finishes, stones of bright colours and dreary colours, and using depth and weight to create the ideal piece to best represent the emotions that have been expressed through her work.