Beginners Drawing 2019- 2 Figure Drawing and Personal content

In this exciting course, you will draw the human body and anatomy and develop your own personal content. You will draw from the skeleton and do life drawing- and juxtapose images from a variety of sources and be aware of mark-making.

This course is good for beginners and for people who have been out of drawing practice.

Materials to be supplied by the student:
Pencils: 3H; 2B; 6B
6 Sticks of fine Willow Charcoal
1 small set of chalk pastels (not Reeves or Dala)
1 Kneadable Eraser
1 Fixative Spray
1 Glue Stick
4 Pieces A1 Cartridge
3 Pieces A1 Fabriano Paper (200gsm or more)
3 Sheets of Newsprint

Kami Brodie

Duration of course
8 lessons totaling 24 hours

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