Drawing Objects and Still-Lives for Beginners 2022

Drawing Objects and Still-Lives for Beginners 2022

This short course will introduce the beginner to drawing, focusing on media exploration and still-life drawing and object. This is also great for a refresher on observation from a three-dimensional source to a two-dimensional drawing.

Each session will include quick, fun exercises and then a focused, longer drawing. The focus will be on cultivating skill and improving technique as well as exploring the possibilities in terms of materials and making work in a fine art or illustrative style.

  • Lesson 1: Linear Drawing- Drawing with line, contour drawing and mark making
  • Lesson 2: Linear Drawing- Drawing with line and composition
  • Lesson 3: Linear and Tonal Drawing- Drawing with line and tone
  • Lesson 4: Mixed- Media drawing as self-expression

Material to be supplied by the student
1 x Putty rubber; 1 x Ball point pen; 1 x Compressed Charcoal- medium; 1 x  2B pencil; 4 x A1 newsprint and 4 x 200 gsm A2 Cartridge

Silver Mackenzie

Duration of course
4 lessons totaling 10 hours


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