PT Jewellery 2024- Make a Pendant or Bangle- Saturday

PT Jewellery 2024- Make a Pendant or Bangle- Saturday

This BASIC jewellery course will introduce you to the hands on world of jewellery manufacturing. Beginners will be taught the basics of making a piece from beginning to end. Through exercises and projects, students are taught smelting, sawing, piercing, filing, soldering, bending, sanding and polishing.

BASIC courses alternate from- making a ring- to making a bangle or pendent- to making an individual project.

Intermediate students are then encouraged to bring their own designs or illustrations of jewellery pieces they would like to make in silver. Students are considered to be intermediate after three basic beginner's courses.

The fee includes the use of the School’s facilities and tools, but not consumable materials and silver.  A starter tool kit is available from the Lecturer at R380.00. Please bring cash to pay the lecturer directly.

A student may advance to working on their own projects or designs after a minimum of 2 basic courses. This course excludes working in gold, setting stones and casting.

LESSONS:  4 lessons

COURSE FEE: R1 320.00 (all 4 lessons)
LECTURER: Steve Adams


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