Drawing after Dark- Illustration Course

Drawing After Dark

This hands-on course is aimed at a broad exposure to the basic elements of illustration. For those with experience in drawing, the course will serve as a revision of your drawing skills to be applied in context. There will be fun illustration projects to develop skills and gain experience. As learning new skills is the goal, it is recommended that some work at home is required between lessons in order for you to receive maximum benefit from the course. The illustration course is targeted at those who wish to tackle projects that are encountered by illustrators across the publishing, advertising and design industries.

Sessions 2
Intro into the outline of the course
Illustration in Advertising: Posters, flyers, information graphics, promotional material

Sessions 3 & 4
Illustration in Publishing: Textbooks, Book covers, Children’s books, Magazines

Self-publishing: Zines and Comic books

Sessions 5 & 6
Fashion and Textile illustration, Scientific and Botanical Illustration

Sessions 7 & 8
Illustration for packaging, Alternative mediums: Embroidery, Collage, Multimedia

 Materials required to be supplied by the student

A range of pencils: HB, 2B, 4B and 6B; 2 x Uni Pin/ Pilot waterproof fineliners (0.3 and 0.8); Charcoal (1 thin and 1 thick); Paint brushes: - No 0.5, 2, 6, 12 - pointed synthetic; Set of Water colours; Set of Gouache, Layout drawing pad A3; Sketch pad A3 36 sheets; Water colour pad A3 (10 sheets), NT cutter and a ruler

Carla Latsky

Duration of course
7 lessons totaling 21 hours: Tuesdays 6 to 9pm

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