Jewellery Beginners and Intermediate Tuesday 2022

Jewellery Beginners and Intermediate Tuesday 2022

RPSA is a a mandatory vaccination site and all who enter the premises are required to be fully vaccinated and provide proof thereof. This is an in-person-contact class.

This exciting jewellery course will introduce you to the hands on world of jewellery manufacturing. Beginners will be taught the basics of making a piece from beginning to end. Through exercises and projects, students are taught smelting, sawing, piercing, filing, soldering, bending, sanding and polishing.

Intermediate students are then encouraged to bring their own designs or illustrations of jewellery pieces they would like to make in silver.

The fee includes the use of the School’s facilities and tools, but not consumable materials and silver.  A starter tool kit is available from the Lecturer at R350.00. Please bring cash to pay the lecturer directly.

LESSONS:  4 lessons


COURSE FEE: R1140.00 (all 4 lessons)

LECTURER: Steve Adams


Please note that we may need to shift dates to comply with Covd-19 Health and Safety protocols.
Mask wearing is recommended but optional.
Mask wearing is still mandatory in close proximity clustering – as detailed in the exclusions paragraph below.


Certain spaces with shared specialised equipment and shared resources and which also do not allow for any physical distancing would still be mandatory mask wearing for all. These include:
The Soldering Studio in the Jewellery Department.
Any demonstrations/ briefings/ critiques that would have a staff and student cluster (if you can reach out and touch another individual) would be mask mandatory.
A policy of consideration is to be followed with staff and student engagement of the one-to-one sessions /or a class basis if either wishes for masks to be worn.
Respect must be shown for those whose health is compromised.
Though who are unwell with any cold of flu-like symptoms are required to stay at home and not come on campus.
As and when circumstances change, the policy will be reviewed and may change – in either direction – stricter or more relaxed. The current infection numbers continue to drop and remain low.

If you have registered and your payment has been accepted by the site, you have been accepted to the class and will be added to our class register.
The response from the site is your proof of registration and we look forward to seeing you on the first day and time of the class at RPSA.
If no payment is accepted, we regret that the class is full.

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