Develop your Drawing Skills and your Powers of Observation

In this new course over 8 weeks, you will develop drawing skills, draw from objects and the human figure, and use a live model.

 You will explore composition, form, tone and mark-making. This is a great course for all levels and beginners are welcome.


A 2B pencil; a charcoal pencil; 3 sticks of fine willow charcoal; a kneadable eraser; 1 stick black conte; 1 stick tan brown conte; a small set of good quality chalk pastels; 1 can of fixative; 2 bulldog clips; 4 sheets of A2 newsprint; 3 sheets ofA1 cartridge 200gsm and 2 sheets of 70 x 100 cm Fabriano 120 gsm

Kami Brodie

Duration of course
8 lessons totaling 24 hours

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