Beginners Painting 2021- 4 Interiors, Portraits and Style

Beginners Painting 2021- 4 Interiors, Portraits and Style

An exciting painting course that will include exploration of style, imaginative content, interiors and portraits. In this painting course you will explore modernist styles and develop personal content, as well as work on a portrait with a live model.

This course is good for beginners and for people who have been out of painting practice.

Materials to be supplied by the student:
Acrylic Paint: Red Deep (Dala); Pthalo Blue; Cadmium Yellow, Ochre; White; Black
Brushes- Hogs Hair Brushes- No 6 Flat; No 10 Flat; No 4 Round
3 Sticks of fine Willow Charcoal
1 Palette
1 Water Container
2 Bulldog Clips
1 small set of chalk pastels (not Reeves or Dala)
1 Fixative Spray

4 Pieces A1 Cartridge
3 Pieces A1 Fabriano Paper (200gsm or more)
3 Sheets of Newsprint

Kami Brodie

Duration of course
7 lessons totaling 21 hours

If you have registered and your payment has been accepted by the site, you have been accepted to the class and will be added to our class register. The response from the site is your proof of registration and we look forward to seeing you on the first day and time of the class at Ruth Prowse School of Art. If no payment is accepted, we regret that the class is full.

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