Jewellery Intensive Course Wednesdays and Thursdays 2020

The intensive jewellery course that runs on a monthly basis is designed to develop your advanced understanding of the potential of jewellery as a creative and expressive profession. 

In order to create, we need to understand the materials that we are using. The course is designed to develop your experience of metal (silver, brass and copper) through techniques such as forging, piercing, etching, soldering and more!

Each lesson will be focused around both theory and practical of various techniques and/ or materials in order to keep the course as a fundamental foundational journey of discovery.

Classes run from 9.30am - 3:30pm on Wednesdays and Thursdays, weekly. During each session, you will be encouraged to create and manufacture jewellery using the techniques learnt in class.

All consumables and materials are to be supplied by the students. Please note that students are required to have basic metalsmith skills, such as piercing, soldering, forging etc in order to do this course.

Please check out more information on our Beginner's Jewellery Design and Manufacture course to acquire such skills.

Photograph by Michaela Bellars

Pascale de Brandt

Duration of course        

6 lessons totaling 42 hours

If you have registered and your payment has been accepted by the site, you have been accepted to the class and will be added to our class register. The response from the site is your proof of registration and we look forward to seeing you on the first day and time of the class at Ruth Prowse School of Art. If no payment is accepted, we regret that the class is full.

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