Beginners Painting 2019- Paint and Ink

Experience the expressive power of ink, as well as learning about colour through painting. You will explore mark making and landscape with ink, and then learn about colour mixing and abstract art. You will also be introduced to painting 3 dimensional form.

This course is good for beginners and for people who have been out of painting practice.

Materials to be supplied by the student:
Black Drawing Ink
3 Sticks of Fine Willow Charcoal
Acrylic Paint: Red Deep (Dala); Pthalo Blue; Cadmium Yellow, Ochre; White; Black
A Palette and a Water Container
A Glue Stick
Brushes- Hogs Hair Brushes- No 6 Flat; No 10 Flat; No 4 Round;
1 Medium sized round chinese style brush (not expensive)
1 Medium sized flat ink/watercolour brush
4 Pieces A1 Cartridge
3 Pieces A1 Fabriano Paper (200gsm or more)

Kami Brodie

Duration of course
7 lessons totaling 21 hours

Part A: 1 June to 15 June and Part B: 13 July to 3 August

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