Beginners Painting- Exciting Course Using Paint and Ink 2018

You will paint Landscape and Portraits and explore modernist styles. You will paint a landscape from life and from photographs. You will also paint a portrait and do a painting with ink.

This course is good for beginners and for people who have been out of painting practice.

Acrylic Paint: Red Deep (Dala); Pthalo Blue; Cadmium Yellow, Ochre; Burnt Umber; Burnt sienna; White; Black
Brushes- Hogs Hair Brushes- No 6 Flat; No 10 Flat; No 4 Round; 1 Medium Rounded Chinese Brush; 1 No 6 Flat watercolour Brush.
3 Sticks of Fine Willow Charcoal
Black Drawing Ink
1 Palette
1 Inkwell Palette
1 Water Container
4 Pieces A1 Cartridge
3 Pieces A1 Fabriano Paper (200gsm or more)
1 A1 Sheet Caper Liner/ Brown card
3 Sheets of Newsprint

Kami Brodie

Duration of course
7 lessons totaling 21 hours

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