Graduate Show Catalogue

Jethro Longwe in Graphic Design 3 was the winner of the design of the Graduate 2020 catalogue. Jethro refers to his concept;

"Looking back at 2020 we can all say what a year it has been. For me personally, I have been barely hanging on by a thread. That's how this year has felt for me. I didn't know how I was going to finish my studies. It has been painful, stressful, confusing, scary, challenging, and overwhelming.

But I came to realise that I am not alone, all of us have been hit hard. And despite all that, we kept going. Each one hanging on to their thread, both students and staff alike, just hoping everyday, and pushing forward.

Now with the finish line in sight, we can look back and see how everyone's little thread of hope has beautifully intertwined to wrap up this year."