By registering online you agree to the following:
I hereby waive any claims against the School for any damages or loss suffered while I am, or as a consequence of my being, a student of the School and arising out of death, bodily injury, loss of health or illness suffered by me or any other person and the loss or destruction of, or damage to any property belonging to me or another person, howsoever such damage or loss is caused, included but limited through the negligence of the School or any official, employee or representative of the School. I, or my estate hereby indemnifies the School against any claims by any person arising in any way as stated above or in respect of my own negligent or willful acts or omissions.
By applying for a Diploma you understand the following to be true:
The School reserves the right to not accept any applicant if the application does not fulfill the range of criteria specified in the application process.
As academic spaces are limited, applications of high merit are advantageous.
Ruth Prowse School of Art is registered with the Department of Education as a Private Higher Education Institution under the Higher Education Act, 1997, Registration Certificate No. 2009/HE08/001.
As Ruth Prowse School of Art is a Private Higher Educational Institution, we do not receive Government subsidies and therefore students attending full-time programmes cannot benefit from government sponsored education options.


RPSA NPC is mandatory fully vaccinated site.

By registering for a PT Course online, the student agrees to the following:
As course places are limited, RPSA is unable to refund fees after the commencement of the course. Any refunds that are awarded if we receive notification in advance of the course are less a 10% admin fee. Entry into class is by RPSA having received proof of payment and registration. There is no refund for classes not attended. A part-time student has access to the studios and class at the specified course times only.
These courses are extra-curricular and non credit bearing.

With the new South African legislation i.t.o. data protection (Protection of Personal Information Act, "POPIA"), effective as of 30 June 2021, Ruth Prowse School of Art NPC wants to reassure you of our compliance and our continued respect for your privacy. Please only provide us with your name, e-mail address and mobile number. We will only utilise these for class registers and to contact you with regards to the course that you have enrolled for.