Liminal Exhibition Save the date

Save the date for our upcoming Exhibition showcasing the work of the first, second year students and outreach Learners!

Monday the 11th September @ 5:20 pm. All are welcome.

"The Liminal exists in the in-between. It happens within a space of transition. It blurs the boundary between the physical and spiritual, between the mundane and the transcendent. It is within this gap, between one destination and the next, that we cross the threshold into the uncanny.
Art exists within these fluid dimensions of reality – within a dream or a vision, a portal to another world. It takes shape between different cultural or historical contexts, influenced by tradition and culture to challenge or subvert the dominant cultural norms to offer us new perspectives on the world around us.
As students at the Ruth Prowse School of Art, we are in a “liminal” state, in the in-between where we are in the process of creating our artistic identity without having yet made our mark or having arrived at our creative destinations. Our mark might not yet be permanent or defined - but our mark is as important as it will ever be in our journey and this exhibition celebrates that exact point in time."

 By Tracy Going
Concept was by Chante Calitz