Open Day 2018

As part of our Open Day, we offer various workshops for potential students to experience their chosen discipline and what it it like to be a student at Ruth Prowse School of Art. 

The various workshops run from 10 - 1pm on the 25th August:

Fine Art:
Painting workshop with Paul Birchall
Free up your approach to painting in this workshop where you will work with ink and paint brushes on paper.
Cost: R60 (includes class and materials)

A jewellery making workshop with Michelle Liao
Come and experience the art of cuttlefish casting in sterling silver. You will make your own item of jewellery such as a pendant, ring or earrings.
Cost: R130 (includes class and materials)

Graphic Design:
A design workshop with Marise George
Set your creativity alight with an awesome design workshop where you will explore how to create your own Graffiti tag. 
Cost: R60 (includes class and materials)

Please contact Helga or phone 021 4472492 to book your space