Adian Alexander is a graphic designer who has found his voice in the design world through digital work, but believes that it all started with drawing. He occasionally brings hand-drawn elements into his design, using fine liners and the technique of stippling that he is particularly fond of.  From the digital point of view Adian Alexander loves to work with three programmes: Photoshop, in-design and illustrator. He is particularly drawn to the degree of detail which is made possible by Photoshop and illustrator. 

Visually, Adian Alexander is inspired by impressions of his home town. He is particularly inspired by architecture that he sees when walking around in Cape Town. But his inspiration doesn’t stop there. The buildings of Cape Town are a world of art on it's own, then there are in addition, the patterns and colours which surround him. He loves to incorporate South Africa’s rich heritage of cultural pattern into his work, and he particularly loves working with bright colours. 

Adian Alexander believes that the mind is the most powerful tool in life and that that is what makes everyone different. He believes that his mind brings a unique and different feel to his designs which is why his work is uniquely different and, like him, is visually calming.    

Adian Alexander believes that his love for art and design is something that sets him free from all his problems as he is always happy while designing. Designing, like Alexander’s other passion, Soccer,  is his happy place, a space for him to thrive in, and in the face of adversity working as a Graphic Designer keeps him going everyday. Graphic Design brings life into his life and he aspires to have his design communicate that to those who commission and use his design.