Andrea KOK

The drive behind much of my artistic endeavours is profoundly influenced by a deep-seated appreciation and curiosity for the wonders of nature and its intricate processes.

From childhood, I have had an innate fascination with insects, leading to many moments spent collecting and closely examining these captivating creatures. This childhood passion has seamlessly woven itself into the fabric of my artistic journey, particularly in my third year, where I consciously made insects the focal point of my exploration. This deliberate choice allowed me to delve into the mesmerising realms of insect life, examining not only the vivid and intricate colours, patterns, forms, and structures inherent to the insects themselves but also the captivating creations and remnants they leave behind.

Through a meticulous assessment of this interplay between insects and their environment, my work aims to encapsulate the beauty and symbiosis within the natural world.

Apart from the basic jewellery manufacturing techniques, I have also combined these with other creative skills such as crocheting, sewing and embroidery, in order to create jewellery pieces which allow me to express my creativity as well as bring to life the designs I envisioned.