In the exploration of self expression, Azhar has found himself reflecting  on where he's from, not nationality, but heritage, where we're from, is who we are, and who we are is the only thing we truly  have that no one can take away from us.

Such strength in self identity being translated into thoughts, designs and concepts brought on by the stories, culture and traditions as a major part of the reflecting. In admiration of the beauty seen in culture and tradition, the celebration in style and aesthetic forms part of the work that has been created.

Personification of the stories through symbolism and design. In the tradition  of story telling,  the memory of those before us, to us, now telling the story of the narrator as the narrator. In the jewellery made, there is a deep sense of emotion and sentiment that comes from reflecting on memory. So that those before us can continue to live on in their stories that we now tell with jewellery.