Caitlin Hendricks explores the delicate and beautiful female form through her painting and ceramic art works. She tries to include and represent all women in her artworks, but mainly the ones that are under-appreciated and not represented in the media or seen in art. Her paintings have an unfinished look creating a feeling of authenticity, immediacy and intimacy, her message being that under our skin we are all the same colour, and that we are all moulded from clay and made unique and beautiful. Hendricks creates her work for the women that are insecure about themselves, particularly about their bodies and uses her paintings and ceramics as a connection with them, addressing their lack of general representation, and helping them feel like their body can also be art and is also worthy of being. She wants to help those women become more confident, because she knows what it feels like to be judged and ridiculed, particularly about her weight. 

Caitlin Hendricks is uniquely qualified for creating these types of artworks because she relates to what other women have gone through by not meeting standards set by the media. Hendricks wants to capture their beauty for what it is through paintings and her ceramics. She wants to show these women that they are beautiful and although it may be hard, they should still accept and love their body as is, as she is learning to accept her own, because ultimately we only get one.