Christen TUBBY

Christen Angelique Tubby is a 21-year-old expressionist artist who focuses mainly on the topic of death  and mourning due to personal life experiences. She uses art as a form of therapy to cope with life and all the things it throws at her. She creates art in the hope of helping people going through similar experiences and circumstances. Her work has a haunting and ghostly feel as she creates art that is unearthly and employs a lot of symbolism in it. Her style has an almost illustrative and even naive nature to it. She creates art from her morbid reality and turns it into a fantasy narrative, informed by her love for storytelling, that even hovers on the edge of being absurdly humorous.    

Ink has become Tubby’s main medium of choice, paired with bleach, as the ink reacts well to the bleach, taking away and bleaching areas to create images and highlights with ghostly effect. The ink used is a made up of natural pigments which react in a very compelling way when applied to paper, wood or canvas.  In addition her uniquely messy style with soft watery tones, mainly uses blue to create a mysterious yet familiar feeling. She has a personal fascination with certain imagery such as a tree, eyes and spirals, using it in her work along with skeletons to create a unique style and  visual identity. The use of skeletons as well as the symbols of death such as ravens, moths and ghosts was reoccurring motifs is to further enhance the feeling of death’s proximity.