Clayton GORDON

 Clayton Gordon IS a creative all rounder. Gordon is strong in hand drawn illustrations and layouts. He illustrates using techniques such Stippling, Scribbling, Vertical, Horizontal, Diagonal, Hatching and Cross-hatching Lines.

Gordon’s illustrations are uniquely hand drawn and digitally created, with media-media elements (magazine and newspaper cutouts) to give a clean, crisp and authentic feel of the technique applied complimented with colour editing to make his design pop.  Gordon hopes to develop his technique further and hopes to have to have a more unique style to compliment his creative identity.  Gordon also incorporates typography placement designs, which follows the layout of the Fabianni and Van Grann methods. Gordon’s  “Attention To Detail”, is a bold statement to live by as well as exemplifying his work ethic. 

Clayton Gordon has the skills to use Graphic Design to develop a full Corporate Identity for a business, retouch photographs, bring across a company's brand to their target market  in order to successfully communicate and sell their product, raise awareness as well as express people’s hopes and aspirations through attention grabbing illustrative styles such as Stippling, Scribbling, Vertical, Horizontal, Diagonal, Hatching and Cross-Hatching Lines. Gordon brings to any campaign an authentic style of mixed-media art and design, which he believed helps him to reach and relate to a wider audience.