Delon MATU

My name is Delon Matu. I am a 23-Year-old Illustrator and Graphic Designer born in East London and raised in King William’s Town, in the Eastern Cape now living in Cape Town, South Africa. I focus mainly on traditional and digital illustrations. The mediums I prefer to utilize for my work include pencil on paper, ink on paper for traditional work and digital programs such as Illustrator and Photoshop for my digital illustrations. A majority of my work is influenced by pop culture, gaming and childhood nostalgia, such as my favourite cartoons that I grew up watching and the feeling of purity and sense of innocence I get from that time. I also draw my inspiration from skateboarding and the culture surrounding it as well, as it a big part in my life. I make use of visual elements that I gather from my own childhood such as incorporating imagery or styles from the various forms of media such as anime, cartoons and movies. These forms of media have shaped who I am creatively. I believe that my core of creativity is linked to my childhood experiences and that it is important to tap into my unbridled fun creative side.