My artistic journey is influenced by my personal experiences, human emotions and experiences and the stories of those around me. I am a narrative painter and sculptor.  

In the Lonely Hour: A Search for Hope, is a collection of artworks that explores themes of isolation, longing, and the human experience of loneliness. Through various mediums, such as oil painting and clay sculpture, the artworks aim to evoke emotions and provoke introspection about black youth's mental health.
By combining portraiture, narrative paintings, and small sculptures in my work, In the Lonely Hour: A Search for Hope, I seek to shed light on the challenges and stigmas associated with mental health within the black community. In the portrait series, I invite black youth to write their own stories directly on the canvas, allowing their voices and experiences to shape the artwork.

Additionally, my sculptures depict youth wearing fashionable clothing as a facade while holding balloons to conceal their faces, symbolising the shame often associated with mental health struggles. By exploring these themes, I aim to foster empathy, challenge stereotypes, and create a space for marginalised communities to express their experiences.

The body of work reflects a personal journey and experiences with mental health, including moments of despair, vulnerability, and, ultimately, the search for hope. Each piece carries its own narrative and symbolism, inviting viewers to engage with their emotions and reflections on mental well-being.

By sharing this body of work and its connection to mental health, the intention is to foster understanding, empathy, and open conversations surrounding mental health struggles. The artworks serve as a platform for individuals to relate to their experiences and find solace in knowing they are not alone.

 My work is meant to create a safe space where audiences, especially black youth and other minorities, can open up, talk, and feel heard in a way they have not before. My focus on mental health issues, particularly those faced by black youth, is a subject that I feel passionately about, drawing from my personal life and religion and a wide range of research to support my argument. Through my art I want to create a foundation for more conversation and awareness about these issues and to provide a platform for empathy and understanding. My art can help break through the stigma around mental health issues and create a sense of comfort, healing, and hope for all viewers.