My world revolves around the captivating realm of jewellery design. My passion runs deep, and it's deeply intertwined with my love for vintage clothing and accessories. What sets my work apart is its ability to pay homage to the past, drawing inspiration from the nostalgia and charm of vintage life.

I see each jewellery piece I create as a vessel for history, a way to keep the stories and memories of these items alive. My mission is clear: I want to give these treasures from the past a new lease on life, a fresh purpose in the contemporary world. It's about honouring history while embracing the present.

What drives me is more than just aesthetics; it is also a profound commitment to sustainability. I firmly believe that we all have a responsibility to cherish and repurpose items that are often discarded. It's our shared duty to take care of our planet, and I view my work as a meaningful step towards a more sustainable and appreciative world.

Wandering through vintage shops is where I find my tranquility, and I aim to share that serenity with others through my creations. With every piece of jewellery, I hope to inspire others to join me on this meaningful journey of preserving the past, embracing sustainability, and finding beauty in overlooked treasures.