Emilé Engels goes by his artist name Mr. English. He focuses mainly on traditional and digital illustrations and his mediums include ink on paper for traditional work and digital programmes such as Illustrator and Photoshop as well as Procreate for his digital illustrations. A lot of his work is influenced by pop culture and street art as well as childhood nostalgia and he uses a variety of different styles and techniques; this shows his appreciation for his craft and his willingness to learn new skills.

He makes use of visual elements from his own childhood such as incorporating imagery or styles from the various forms of media and pop culture he absorbed growing up. He believes that a person’s core creativity is linked to their childhood and that it is important to tap into that raw fun creative side of a person’s childhood. From a young age he was intrigued by the idea of mortality and anatomy and how everything works, he makes use of skulls and skeletons in some of his work and this darker and more macabre visual language creates a strong contrast between his more childlike motifs. He tackles serious issues such as depression and anxiety with lighter tones and imagery. 

What you will see in Engels’s range of work is flat illustrations with flat highlights and shadows. He also specializes in hyper-detailed ink on paper illustrations using stippling but he is not limited by these.