Fatima Benjamin is Fine Artist that works primarily with automobile and pop art themes. Benjamin found her way creating art at an early age of 8 years old, inspired by fashion figure drawings from her foster brother who was a skater. Street art soon had a big influence of what Benjamin viewed as art. Inspired by Automobile Lamborghini and everything the brand stands for, Benjamin created a brand name called FABEN, the first two letters in her full name. FABEN creates bodies of work that represents femininity and masculinity all in one. FABEN juxtaposes imagery of the beautiful cars of Lamborghini with her passionate and unique mark-making and flare for abstract compositions and cropping, therefore recreating and feminizing what is generally thought of to be the masculine automobile industry. Inspired by the logo of Lamborghini, FABEN considers her work to represent the bull and it’s qualities both literally and figuratively. These bull qualities include speed, strength, dominance, power and growth. FABEN’s bold mark-making and design is accompanied by a bold, energetic and playful colour palette, therefore dynamically juxtaposing themes of realism/abstraction and street art/pop art. Where opposites attract, FABEN creates harmony between the complementary elements in visually appealing compositions.  FABEN’s work not only captures prime moments of the vehicle but adds her character to it, creating a dynamic tension as well as over all balance. Her brush strokes captures vulnerability of detailed angles that can easily be overlooked and enhances it, making it the subject of what is only seen to be strong, fast, loud and dangerous.