Welcome to my collection “Bringing Fantasy into Reality.”  An abiding interest in Faeries and Fantasy has led to the exploration of that passion in a jewellery body of work. I have focused on four different Fantasy tropes as inspiration to my collection.

The pieces inspired by High Elves evoke a rich culture that includes the love of nature, art, song and magic. The jewellery also alludes to the value for learning and contemplation. Some say they spend too much time in their beautiful halls learning and reading and disconnection from the material plane. Visually the collection echoes Art Nouveau aesthetic.

The pieces inspired by Wood Elves explore a more down to earth approach and intrinsically tied to the forests and woodlands, comprising natural materials, shapes, and textures heavily inspired by their environment.

The pieces inspired by Dwarves are strong and robust, exploring a culture of Axe or Anvils, ability to mine and work metals as well as being great fighters and thus the works are solid heavy forged brass pieces and armour-like layered plate and chain mail pieces.

The pieces inspired by Tritons, humanoid ocean dwellers, show a defined oceanic influence.

My intention is to bring these characters to life through creating jewellery in our world inspired by them and their world, thereby bringing fantasy into reality.