Florian SNYMAN

Florian Snyman’s work primarily focuses on the interaction on media and the interaction of mind and action. His work is wild and expressive and is the product of suggestive drawing and mark making layered intuitively on top of one another in order to form a picture which is the sum of its parts and nothing more. His work has gone from monochromatic work to multi media multi coloured pieces which try to utilize intuitiveness within an abstract framework. His pieces emphasize detail, detail which ultimately creates a much larger image, the viewer is encouraged to engage with the work from up close, revealing hidden arrangements of colour and from afar as to take in the entire work much like one would observe a landscape. One could say that his current work represents a landscape formed though the process of using one’s senses in order to make oneself aware of one’s own surroundings using various line and colour schemes.

His current work also has the tendency to have materials which do not favour one another and thus clash in numerous ways creating a space in which the inevitable solution is balance. The work produced begins as a wild explosion of freedom and is slowly embellished by the overactive mind processing what it does, never quite stopping.

In short, his current work is the result of intuition and exploration within the realm of the medium. He is in a sense exploring his own creative process, inspecting it as well as improving it on its own terms. 

Florian Snyman’s current work is based in how his he sees the world and how he puts things together. His work relies heavily on his own intuition and problem-solving skills. His work takes inspiration from the abundance of nature and the Art of seeing. He believes that seeing plays a much larger role to us emotionally than it does physically.