Jewellery Design

Jewellery Design

The Diploma in Jewellery Design develops knowledge and techniques both in the designing and professional manufacturing of jewellery

Diploma in Jewellery Design - three-year Diploma at NQF6 with 360 credits
SAQA Qualification ID No. 83426

The programme will assist you to develop an extensive portfolio which can be used to enter the jewellery industry. Portfolios showcase excellent practical, theoretical and design knowledge.

The curriculum integrates a balanced approach towards both practice and theory. The program focuses on:

  • Foundational principles across all subjects including drawing, design and manufacture
  • Students explore various traditional and non-traditional mediums
  • Emphasis is placed on student's developing their personal design identity
  • Focus is placed on a highly competitive, individualised portfolio with innovative and unique designs

The Diploma in Jewellery Design exposes students to business management and marketing skills where graduates leave having developed their own social media footprint and branding. Graduates enter the growing South African Jewellery Industry either to be employed within small or large jewellery businesses, or ready to start up their own successful jewellery business.

The staff are united in the common goal of educational excellence within the framework of a friendly atmosphere and are committed to helping students realise their full potential.

Ruth Prowse School of Art NPC is a member of good standing with the Jewellery Council of South Africa.

Course Content

1st Year


Design and Manufacture (Major)
68 credits NQF5

Design (Second Major)
12 credits NQF5

Jewellery Drawing
12 credits NQF5

Digital Design - Rhino
4 Credits NQF5


Visual Discourse
18 credits NQF6

Jewellery Theory
6 credits NQF5

2nd Year


Design and Manufacture (Major)
66 credits NQF6

Design (Second Major)
9 credits NQF6

Jewellery Drawing
9 credits NQF6

Digital Photography
4 credits NQF 6

Digital Design - Rhino
6 credits NQF 6


Jewellery Methodologies 2
18 credits NQF 7

3 credits NQF6

Professional Practice
3 credits NQF6

3rd Year


Design and Manufacture (Major Elective Body of Work)
63 credits NQF 6

Professional Portfolio
9 credits NQF6

Digital Design - Rhino
6 credits NQF6


Extended Essay
30 credits NQF7

Professional Practice
12 credits NQF6


Academic Fees
Fees for 2022 are R63 992.00 for local and SADC students and R70 391.50 for non SADC foreign students.

Registration Fee

The Registration fee is included in the total fee and payable in advance to secure the academic space offered.



If the student is offered a study place and accepts the study place, the student formally registers. Registration commits the student to the programme and to pay the applicable fees. A student is considered to be registered upon receipt of the registration and declaration documentation and payment of the registration fee.

If a student is under the age of 21 years of age then the Registration Form and Declaration and Undertaking Form needs to be signed by a parent or a legal guardian.

All foreign students are required to pay the 50% of their fees prior to documents being generated for a Study Visa. If the student is not granted a VISA, the fees less the Registration Fee may be refunded.


Student fees may be paid via EFT or directly in person to the admin office.

The total student fees are required to be settled in full by the 30 May annually.

All students (first, second and third) are required to pay the Registration fee prior to the academic year.


Students can apply for an extended payment plan for the balance of fees (after the Registration Fee has been paid) which are settled in equal monthly installments from February to October (9 Months) at no interest. The request must be applied for in writing to the Executive Head by the 15th February.  

R 9 960.00 for Registration by 15 January 2021 or sooner to secure the first year academic space


Discounts will be allocated for the full settlement of fees by direct transfer as reflected in the School's account or money received by the administration office. A discount of 10% at Registration by 15 February 2022 and a discount of 5% by 15 March 2022 for full settlement of fees. There are no discounts for pro rata or partial fees.

There is no discount on the registration fees or the administration fee for foreign students.

There is
no discount on the registration fees or the administration fee for foreign

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Complete an application form


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