Georgie Stephens’ body of work takes a look at the concept of value and materiality. More specifically, her jewellery aims to challenge the concept of value and what is seen as valuable in jewellery - particularly precious gems and diamonds. This is where the concept of materiality comes into play; the idea that a cast off piece of glass can hold more value than the object that it came from as well as the fact that it can hold its own, in terms of aesthetic value, alongside precious gems.  She has chosen to show this value by using sea-glass in each of her pieces, rather than gemstones - in doing this, she is able to create fine pieces of jewellery, and instead, use something that is seen as a bit more of an ‘unconventional’ material. Stephens has always been inspired by the seaside, especially with having grown up in Hout Bay and having the beach so available to her. The colours, the shapes and the textures of the sea-glass fascinate her, and she wants to show this in her pieces; for this reason, each of her pieces have a different feeling that almost mimics the sights and emotions evoked by being at the beach or hearing and seeing the waves.

At the end of the day, she hopes to have created a collection of works that celebrate the little treasures that the sea provides, and that is as magical and ever- lasting as the ocean herself.