I started designing at 12, making digital signatures for gamers online. Gaming has been, and still is a compelling source of inspiration for me.

I like to explore controversial and meaningful topics. I am intrigued with the possibilities of AI in all aspects of life, not just design. I use it to enhance my workflow and generate new and or supplementary content.

My style is bold, simple and grungy. I like using a limited colour palette, often with black and white and one or two vibrant colours. Thematically I enjoy things that are a bit more provocative and macabre, although I do enjoy very clean corporate designs as well. On occasion I like to juxtapose this cleanness with a tinge of the grunge aesthetic, such as rusty, scratching or paint dripping textures. I also try to incorporate a lot of photography in my work, as I enjoy what photography can bring to graphic design through post production.