Just Jane is the name that Jane Chubb has chosen to represent her as an artist and her work as a brand. The title ‘Just Jane’ is what you are expected to receive from a Just Jane encounter – what you see, is what you get in the best sense of the phrase, letting her work speak for itself. With this foundation, the evidence of ‘less is more’, ‘give and more will be given unto you’, and ‘you get out what you put in’ is apparent. Jane creates unique, original and personalised designs, illustrations, corporate branding and identities. Each project is a result of continual open communication and individualisation, all the while ensuring each has a touch of Just Jane's unique flare and creative touch.

Just Jane strives to produce great works of art, personalised to each and every individual client and brief. Her passion for people coupled with her inquisitive nature towards art, led to the formation of ‘Just Jane’ with the vision of fulfilling the design, illustration and branding needs of others, no matter how big or small. Her raw artistic talent serves as her basis with an add-on of the skills she developed in tertiary study to meet them.

Just Jane has taken her industry by storm in already displaying her work and brand on the platforms of Instagram: @designsjustjane; Facebook: Just Jane Designs; Website: www.justjanedesigns.co.za