Joviale MUAKA

Joviale Nteto Muaka is a Congolese artist based in Cape Town, South Africa. Joviale Muaka does abstract art that she calls “The Art of the Soul”, which to her  is the ability that she has as an artist to recall her night dreams or visions, and to transfer these into painting.  For Muaka it is even more profoundly experienced by her as a bridge between the spiritual world and  the physical world by the power of the Holy Spirit. 

 Joviale Nteto Muaka is motivated to paint for everyone. Her paintings are for her messages that God is sending to spread Love, Peace, Happiness, Stability, Hope, and more. 

 What makes Joviale Nteto Muaka unique is the fact that her work also has a story to tell that relate to her personal life and at the same time to her audience’s personal lives. That is how she understands the power hidden behind every piece of art she makes. Another factor that makes her art unique is that she has the ability to  recall her night dreams and her visions, because not all artists are able to do so. This ability requires discipline and a strong connection with the Holy Spirit and God.