Lara Lord has eye-catching gold and silver jewellery are performative art works that use the body as a site of display to boldly confront social, cultural and environmental injustices that the artist observes and experiences in her own life.
Lord examines the notion of the female body and challenges the way it is perceived in contemporary societies. Like much contemporary (art) jewellery, Lord’s work is characterized by its intimate connection to the wearer’s body, which becomes an essential part of the work.
Her design concepts are deeply rooted in and inspired by the ideologies of modern feminism, commenting on notions such as bodily autonomy, beauty standards, female sexuality and the de-objectification of the female anatomy.
Aesthetically, Lord’s work is characterized by the juxtaposition of organic - yet suggestive - shapes and forms and the lush use of colorful gemstones. The results is a range of bold statement jewellery pieces that aims to draw attention to the wearer and open up conversations to bring about social change.
The collection forms both a retro- and introspection of the artists own experiences, yet it also addresses social issues that prevail in many cultures around the world. The pieces created by Lara Lord pay homage to womxn, who - like herself - have emerged from the darkness into the light and are proud to take up space in a world that tells them not to.