As an experimental visual and performing artist exploring contemporary/abstract works, Malope has through painted, drawn on objects and constructed materials for performance pieces to interact with.

The collection titled ‘Masked Emotions’, is a series of 8 contemporary masks (one being his face) curated to show the day-to-day emotions that one must undergo in life; this is for performance pieces which call for each mask to symbolize his memories through emotion.

The emotions: anger, anticipation, sadness, fear, disgust, joy, trust and surprise are all in display to vividly capture what it is to be human and the realities of what people go through psychologically. The masks have a repetitive theme which is basic symmetrical shapes, more so the circle to represent the circle of life and death; the work connects him to his life as both parents passed on and so the emotions serve to remind him that in life there is also death.

The use of colour, texture and specific materials to convey each and centered around emotion and feelings. They are contemporary masks made from different materials in hopes to capture the viewer’s eye, each with its own unique expression that aims to be relatable to the audience.