Collins has found a love for narrative jewellery and how it allows her to create wearable stories. She believes that every story makes up a small piece of who we are. Whether its moments and memories, triumphs or defeats, momentous or mundane, when put them together they make up a lifetime. Her body of work this year celebrates her family by using their stories, moments and memories as inspiration. Through the process she not only wants to create heirlooms for herself, but for the generations of her family to come. She hopes to show her family how valuable their stories are in the best way that she knows how - jewellery. She looks forward to sharing moments with them looking over what has been created and for the viewer she hopes that they find something in these pieces that speaks to them as much as her family stories spoke to her. Collins has said when speaking about her work:

My challenge for this year is to turn the intangible into the tangible and to retell the stories of my family through my own eyes. I want to encourage the viewer of my pieces to listen more, listen to your loved ones , as it may just surprise you.”