The theme for this collection is jewellery and identity, with a particular focus on Edgy Rebellion as a type of identity that may be performed, Edgy Rebellion is a stylish way of rebelling, it is about being your authentic self proudly. The collection has been injected with my aesthetic, as I wish to honour my individuality and creativity. Through my jewellery I hope to empower individuals on their journey of fearless and authentic self-discovery.

I find that I also have a particular interest in urban tribes that lurk the streets of the cities around the world. I am drawn to their fearless spirits, and their passion for creation and design. I enjoy the fact that within these tribes exist powerful individuals who express themselves wholeheartedly and daring to be rebellious.

When I design my jewellery I try to embody this spirit, I try to empower myself and follow my artistic vision without compromise, even if it means breaking the rules. My main mediums include sterling silver and brass, as these metals allow me to achieve the textures and tones that I want my jewellery to have, many of my pieces appear rough and oxidized.