Maranda MÜLLER

Maranda Müller is an artist and jeweller who finds her inspiration in nature, the ocean, and in the act of documenting and collecting objects such as sea glass, stones, slate, coral, shells and bone. Since as long as she can remember she has always collected found objects on her travels and adventures in nature. Any object she finds, natural or man-made, has the potential to be transformed into a piece of jewellery that is completely authentic and unique.
The idea that nature can provide an object free of charge is something that resonates with Müller as an artist striving towards sustainable practices in her creation and manufacture practices. Her ethical ways of sourcing her materials also tie into the notion of creating value from an object that is often overlooked and not seen as valuable at first glance.
Her finished pieces are often a result of enjoying and allowing the creative process to unfold and steer her in directions that may not have been known or open to her otherwise. Her work is an exploration and celebration of the idea of creating value from found objects. The object itself, becomes the hero of the piece and through doing this Müller creates a special bond between the jeweller and the wearer of the object that is featured, creating a sense of sentimentality – a value she holds in high esteem. A story can be told, or a moment can forever be cherished and made tangible, while also adding that extra layer of value that raises the questions - what is valuable and how do we measure value? Value is after all subjective, and Müller explores that in her jewellery collection and how her pieces can add value where value may not have been seen otherwise.