Megan Rayneé has been created by Megan Dixon-Warren, born and raised in Botswana, a desert land and the mother of Diamonds, heat and pressure are no strangers to her. 

Megan Rayneé designs and manufactures jewellery, specialising in the creation of fine jewellery inspired by the narratives of the people she loves, working to make pieces that are personal and hold sentimental value to their wearer. 

Dixon-Warren’s interest in jewellery was sparked when she was young, sitting with her mother as she told stories through her jewellery box, amazed that such small items hold such great value, and that these small items have endured time and will live longer than us, and may be what people remember us by one day.

All of Megan Rayneé’s jewellery is hand-crafted, from the moment the refined silver enters her hand to that last moment of setting the stone, every movement is intentional and echos of the story the piece is telling. 

Dixon-Warren has been training for three years in the art of fine jewellery and using that as a tool to create memorable pieces that embody personal meanings and unwritten messages. Some of her personal favourite works include the men's African Blackwood range which was inspired by her father and brother, particularly the Domino Pendant and Keychain which represent dates that are important to their owners such as her fathers birthday and her brother's wedding anniversary. It is in this way that Dixon-Warren creates the extraordinary from the otherwise mundane.