Mia- Mari HUGO

My name is Mia-Mari Hugo. I’m an emerging jeweller and artist who set out to practice in the Studio Jeweller’s mindset, as I draw inspiration from the Modernist Jewellers born from the Studio Craft Era. Much like the studio jeweller, my practice was centred on the process in studio and mastering my individual craft. In keeping with the various modernist jewellers, I wanted to challenge the value, traditional, sculptural, and adornment purpose of jewellery.

I challenged the value of jewellery by working in brass rather than gold. Brass is typically considered less valuable and often times seen as nothing more than costume jewellery.

My process throughout the year often included engaging in creative play in studio to discover an interesting form or shape. I would then further explore the shape and how it could be translated into a wearable piece of jewellery, parallel to that of the Studio Jeweller’s practice.

I put my craftsmanship to the test through various techniques, the type of metal, the scale, and the level of technicality of each of the pieces created. I focused on engaging a theme in the studio jeweller’s mindset to find my voice and creativity as a jeweller.

Each of my pieces had a different process in finding its outcome. Each explored a different topic but they are all a true embodiment of my creative exploration. Thus, my body of work this year is titled Contemporary Elegance. Contemporary because I challenge the notions and purpose of jewellery and Elegance as it hints at femininity.