Mieke BELL

I am an artist who finds beauty in the natural world, and my jewellery is a testament to this deep connection. Each piece I create is a celebration and exploration of the organic and elemental aspects of life. The poem, Naked, by Achim von Arnim is at the core of my research as well as my practical interpretation of what it means to be raw, natural and uncomplicated. Inspired by the intricate textures and patterns found in nature as well as Arnim’s’ words, I embark on a creative journey to pay homage to the world around us.

 My work is a fusion of craftsmanship, metalwork, and design, all intertwined with a profound reverence for nature's wonders. I am captivated by the elegance of mushrooms, the rugged strength of tree sap, the graceful flow of water, and the delicate intricacies of the ocean. It is my intention to bring these elements to life through my jewellery, preserving the essence of nature within each piece.

 Mimicry plays a pivotal role in my artistry. I strive to mimic the organic world, translating its awe-inspiring details into metal, texture, and form. By skilfully combining a diverse array of metalworking techniques and design principles, I breathe life into these elements, allowing wearers to carry a piece of nature with them.

 My jewellery is more than just adornment; it's a means of storytelling. Each piece is a narrative, a connection to a natural element, a homage to the world that surrounds us. Through my work, I hope to inspire others to rekindle their own relationship with the natural world, to see the beauty in the simplest of details, and to embrace the organic flow of life.

 In my jewellery, I invite you to discover the harmonious blend of art and nature, where the crafted and the elemental unite in a delicate dance. I hope that each piece I create resonates with your heart and soul, drawing you closer to the world's innate beauty.