Mikaela GORDON

RPSA graduate of Jewellery Design and founder of Kamaji Jewellery, Mikaela Jade Gordon is a lover of exploration and experimentation and sources her inspiration from the intricate nature of life, in all of its complex yet simple systems. Using chance techniques like etching and roll-pressing alongside those that are more controlled such as intricate cut-outs as well as organic objects such as porcupine quills and avocado seeds alongside clean-cut gemstones, through her jewellery Gordon seeks to convey the apparent tension between the notions of order and chaos, or complexity and simplicity. In this, her completed items of jewellery come to convey a kind of beauty that undergoes many stages.

 The tension that resides between order and chaos, as seemingly polarising and self-existing entities, is of central importance to the series of works that constitute Gordon’s exhibition and in her desire to express the notion of complexity through which. It informs every aspect of the work and is manifested in each the formal and conceptual contrasts present within the greater body thereof.

 Moreover, through the evocative juxtapositions of these visual polarities and opposites, Gordon’s works are also intended to provoke thought and emotions within the viewers, to encourage them to embark upon a journey within their own imagination and to spark an internal dialogue as she believes this is the path to self-exploration, and ultimately to self-discovery. Above all else it is Gordon’s hope that her body of work evokes within the viewer, an examination of self and surroundings similar to the one that inspired its creation.