Mila Welter, under the brand name of Mila Jo, is a graphic designer whose work, through soft colours and bold shapes, tackles intricate subjects in an approachable way. As a creative with academic strengths, her ability to interpret information into a distinct visual language has brought depth and context to her work.

Welter has an extensive palette of design skills; from pattern design, print media, and digital illustration to desktop publishing. With an advanced grasp of the adobe suites – Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign – she has been able to transform her concepts into professional designs. Welter draws inspiration from the structures within nature, the human body, and topics she researches that capture her interest. While her work is intrinsically personal, Welter enjoys tackling a diverse range of topics and engaging in the deep process work that comes with any new idea.

Welter is an affable person who derives much joy from bringing ideas to life. She looks forward to continuing to transform intricate topics into visual languages that can be readily understood and enjoyed by all.