Nastar Abdulla was born in 1998 and raised in Cape Town, South Africa. Abdulla has created her brand that goes by the name of Shattabagu; she digitally creates timeless works of art and has found a balance between minimalism and graphic art that she incorporates in her work. As a photographer, she too includes her images within her craft when it is needed.

 Shattabagu takes advantage of simple shapes such as the circle and square and creatively builds onto them with other shapes by using digital programmes such as illustrator and photoshop. 

Nastar Abdulla also brings these elements into her design work to bring something extra to it. Minimalism features prominently in her work: she plays with space and ranges of colour and brings in specific flat colours and shapes to achieve the correct balance of graphic art. “ A little goes a long way ”, “ simplicity meets the eye “ is what goes through her mind when creating and something the viewer will see.

 Nastar Abdulla’s creativity is uncapped, she is ready to take on new creative challenges, willing to go the extra mile for a client and is always ready to learn and take her work to the next level. Her passion shows in her work and in person; her friendly nature makes communicating with her easy.

 You will see a lot of flat illustrations with solid colours and bold text when needed, with a minimalist appeal.