Ngonidzashe MWANJIRA

My work is not defined by the medium used but essentially by the ideas communicated through the work. The choices of medium are dictated by the nature of the ideas being conveyed.

I am inspired by nature, which I define as the elements of our environments that seem to behave and change at their own accord similar to the process of the growth of the plant. The contemplation of nature is the driver of the contents of the work.

The imitation of nature is also a very key aspect in the mannerisms and the function of a majority of my work. To explain further on the idea about my choice of materials I would like to mention the fact that it cannot be any other way. This also comes with a challenge of dealing with the difficulty of constantly adopting different paradigms of thinking.

The need to constantly learn about new media also forces me to reconcile with the use of technology in my work as a tool to make the process more bearable. The aspect of nature is just a philosophical stance that is inspired by the prospect of benevolence towards the very complex environment that surrounds us. The contemplation of nature through the means of the discipline of science has done a wonderful thing of categorizing nature into two temperaments, which are that of the Biological Sciences and that of the Physical Sciences.

My personality and my taste is drawn towards the physical sciences, which has its roots in my childhood where I had a deep curiosity about physics, mathematics and astrophysics, to only mention the aspects that have captivated my curiosity for the longest time.

My work is focused on being the bridge between the contemplation of nature and the act of using captivating and creative ways to communicate the known outcomes of this contemplation to the general public.