Helberg is a passionate jewellery designer who’s journey started with a leap of faith. Helberg says forming metal with her hands feels magical. Experiencing and learning new things excites her. She enjoys creating fine, delicate and simplistic designs. Her late brother is her motivation and her inspiration is fuelled by nature, patterns, smells and everyday things. Through this body of work she reveals parts of the way that she is wired by looking into her parents’ upbringing and exploring elements of the stories that they have told her. Their passion for nature has such an impact on how Helberg nourishes her mind, body and spirit. 

 Taking apart elements from their different stories and combining them into single jewellery pieces was a narrative unraveling for her. Other pieces were inspired by the ocean and her father’s memories around it. Some pieces were inspired by her mother and her journey of using plants and nature towards holistic health. This collection is broken up into a few smaller themes to represent different storylines. 

 Helberg used semi-precious beads and 100% natural silk to bring colour to her brass creations. She incorporated wires and used weaving techniques to thread her own narrative together. Helberg has great gratitude for this journey of discovering new strengths and characteristic evaluation. Delving into these stories and memories revealed to her the integrity and special qualities of her parents. Helberg says that trust was her guide in this design process. It has unlocked a lot of creativity and she wishes to expand on this topic and to be able to create tangible reminders for others with their own stories and memories.