The works revolve mainly around the subject of the female body and how it can be celebrated. Working with the subject of the body has allowed her to explore different types of figures. She works with models who are open and comfortable with their bodies. Her works celebrate the uniqueness, difference and beauty of all body types.

Another subject she works with is the celebration of cultures–mainly the isiXhosa culture, in which she showcases various parts of the tradition – being the traditional attires, the language, foods, hairstyles that originated from the culture, as well as the different generations that come from the culture. She celebrates where she comes from, giving viewers an insight into her personal life. She focuses on her family’s clan and ancestral history. She uses the teachings taught to younger girls in the Xhosa culture and showcases both Modern and Ancient cultural practices.

The aim of her works is to commemorate the hardships and contributions made by black women in the Xhosa culture, highlighting issues of feminism, gender equality, identity, body positivity and diversity.