Rafeeqah HAMMAN

Rafeeqah Hamman  is a 21 year old Cape Town based graphic designer and artist and has grown up in Mitchell’s Plain. Hamman strives to be a designer who can contribute to social awareness and to possibly create designs in order to mobilise society towards causes which would benefit society and the planet as a whole. Her preferred methods of working are illustration and photoshop collages. As important as text is within design, when creating illustrations specifically, Hamman strives to let the artwork speak for itself without the use of text, as a form of a graphic art piece. Hamman tackles various topics and causes that specifically effects South Africa and the issues we face on a daily basis. Hamman is currently a Graphic Design student at Ruth Prowse School of Art in her final year of her diploma qualification and would like to eventually specialise in illustrations, graphic art as well as logo design, etc. Hamman has completed one year in Fine Art and has brought this knowledge and skills over into her graphic design work and in the way in which she creates. This has also had an impact on her style choices and the way in which she perceives works and chooses to communicate with her audience. Having knowledge and skills from both fine art and graphic design has given her a unique take on her graphic art as well as design works. Hamman strives to make a positive impact within social conversations communicating through image .