Robyn-Rose HANEKOM

As an artist and a graphic designer, I aim to create pieces that are aesthetically pleasing but also have a concept. I enjoy creating art because it gives me a form of expressing myself. I can express my emotions, and thoughts, and let my imagination run wild. What inspired me to start creating is the feeling of accomplishment, knowing that all of my time and effort has paid off, and the feeling of joy and satisfaction. When I create something, it is usually involving a human face. I find beauty within the features, the almost mathematical equation of judging the proportions and editing them to suit my personal preferences. I create imaginary scenarios and scenes. I use fine line work to create very detailed pieces. When I create an illustration from a reference, I cannot help but try to recreate it as closely as possible. as for my body of work so far, it is mostly recreations of images that I have found appealing, arranged in various ways, either distorted or replicated exactly but either way, it suited whatever theme I have conceived. My preferred medium is a fine liner, it can be in any colour and any thickness. Alongside the fine liner, I use pencil crayons. Together these mediums represent the finality and contrasting free flow of one another, which to me relates to life. I have learnt from the use of fine liners and pencil crayons that nothing can be forever, but it is important to enjoy those moments when you can just be free.