Rowen Cloete enjoys designing packaging, posters, flyers/brochures, infographics, business cards, books, website design, digital art and surreal art etc. all achieved digitally. Cloete's work is inspired by modernist trends, particularly minimalist design. He achieves this aesthetic in the way he uses colour, for example, never using more than four vibrant colours on a project. His style is very clean and he likes to make use of shapes (geometric or not). Creating and using Illustration is a must for him, his illustration style is flat and quirky. Cloete believes that the viewer should be made excited and curious, and this is his goal for every piece or project he has created. It is important to him that his work is noticed and is easily understood. Cloete does not like using too many words to communicate a message and let his illustrations express the message. The motto that "Images surpasses language", is what most of Cloete's work follows. Imagery is his favourite part of design and is important to the impact of his work. Making things fun and easy to read/understand for the viewer in world where image transcends language.