Sivatho PINDA

In my body of work, I have embarked on a transformative mission to infuse the streetwear design ethos into jewellery, transcending the conventional boundaries of both disciplines and show a unique blend of experiences and a passion for bridging the worlds of fashion and adornment.. This endeavour is fueled by a profound desire to convey elements of luxury, sentimentality, and a profound "Way of Being."

My journey into jewellery design has been significantly influenced by my prior engagement with fashion design. This background has granted me a unique perspective on aesthetics, materials, and the art of self-expression. It's a perspective that has informed and enriched my approach to crafting jewellery that not only adorns but also tells a compelling story. At the core of my creative exploration lies the infusion of the streetwear design ethos into jewellery design. Streetwear, with its roots in urban fashion, symbolises a cultural revolution. It champions authenticity, individuality and a sense of community.

By weaving the essence of streetwear into my jewellery pieces, I aim to capture the zeitgeist of modernity, where personal style is a statement of identity. Luxury, a multifaceted concept, plays a pivotal role in my work. It's not merely confined to opulent materials but extends to the craftsmanship, symbolism, and personal expression embedded within each piece. Much like the way luxury streetwear challenges traditional notions of exclusivity, my jewellery designs reconfigure the idea of luxury by making it accessible, authentic, and culturally significant.

Sentimentality is another key theme that permeates my work. I firmly believe in the power of emotional connections. Whether it's through brand sentimentality or the nostalgia evoked by my designs, I strive to craft pieces that resonate on a deeply personal level. In a world often dominated by superficial emotions, I aim to elicit genuine sentiments through my creations.